Welcome to the 1st period DV biology Wiki

This is a wiki site linked to our class web page, DV Biology. A wiki allows users to add and edit content collectively. Go here if you want a more in-depth look at how we use this in our class!

Use the menu on the sidebar to get to the main pages in the wiki. If you can't find something use the search box.
The best way to learn how to use the wiki is to explore it! Have fun!

Use of Wiki

For starters you will mainly use this wiki to write up your labs with your lab partners. As class moves along we will grow our wiki as we see fit making use of it to help us in other areas of our class.

Pictures of students working on the Cell membrane lab. Just one of the many labs we do in class.

student.JPG student 3.JPGstudent 2.JPGstudent 4.JPG